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Wheelchair Floorball

Tournament Rules

The tournament is played according to the valid IFF Rules, with the additions of the ICWF

The tournament is played according to the valid  wheelchair  safety rules:

The tournament is played according to the valid rules for fastening inside nets in goal constructions:

Minimal Handicap / non-handicapped Players:

Basic principle: No nation should be excluded from participating in the tournament simply because there are not enough disabled players available at the moment.

A Player is classified as handicapped, if a consequently regular floorball playing is impossible.

  • For nations that organize a national championship (Sweden, Czech Republic, Netherlands), we assume that they adhere to the Gentlements Agreement that they only compete with disabled players.
  • For teams that regularly take part in tournaments or other national championships (e.g. Team Suisse, Belgium, Poland), only one non-disabled player is permitted on the field.
  • For all other countries (Germany, Canada, USA, ...) the use of non-disabled players is unrestricted unless otherwise possible.
  • The goalkeeper must have a handicap. 



31.12.2023: Deadline for Team Registration
31.01.2024: Registration Fee must be paid until that date. (You get an invoice)
01.03.2024: Definitive Name and Rooming List has been sent to us. (Excel Document)
30.03.2024: Payment to be transferred. (You get an invoice)

24.04.2024: Official Arrival Day (Wednesday)
25.04.2024: First Game Day
26.04.2024: Second Game Day
27.04.2024: Final Game Day, Closing Ceremony with Dinner at the Evening
28.04.2024: Official Departure Day (Sunday) 

Registration Documents for Download:

Invitation Letter
Registration Form
Team Room List